“Operation Worldview provides an excellent and enjoyable summary of the main points found in the Perspectives course. Both Werner and Bob clearly and enthusiastically articulate the life-changing principles that have challenged thousands of Christians toward greater commitment in God’s global mission. Using a variety of creative audio-visual elements infused at appropriate intervals, Operation WorldView reminds us why we are called to participate in God’s Kingdom work.” —Dave Flynn, National Director, Perspectives Study Program

“The Mission ONE folks have done an amazing job of taking the Perspectives material and putting it into a form that appeals to the average person in the pew. The Operation Worldview Video Series is of top-notch quality and makes a life-changing impact on those who view it. In over 30 years of missions involvement, I have never seen a more effective tool for mobilizing a congregation to become involved in The Story above all stories.  In fact, I am in the process of systematically teaching Operation Worldview to all our Sunday School classes, from the teens through the adults. We want to permeate our congregation’s thinking with the truths about God’s global purpose that are so powerfully presented in this course.” —Glenn R. Felty, Pastor of Missions, Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church, Allentown, PA

“How do you teach a global mission vision to the average lay person in church? There is nothing else out there like the Operation WorldView Video Series — combining some of the best of the Perspectives course with classic mission videos — like “Ee-Taow!”and “The Harvest.” The Bible teaching is excellent, giving the mission basis of the Bible from both the Old and the New Testaments. Finally, we have a way for the average person in church to get a thorough introduction to world missions. The dynamic multimedia format is ideal for today's audience, and is designed for an eight-week Sunday School class or small group. To use baseball lingo, Operation WorldView is a GRAND SLAM!–Tom Telford, Missions Mobilizer with UWM/ACMC

“We used Operation WorldView with our youth group as a Sunday School curriculum in the Spring of 2005. It was the perfect format for introducing a group of 12- to 18-year-olds to a much more global perspective on Christ’s agenda. Whereas it may be too much for most youth to go through a 16-week, 3-hour-per-class intensive study like Perspectives, Operation WorldView can be done over an 8- or 16-week period, but in one-hour sessions. In our youth group I would say that about one third of them showed a signifigant change in their view of missions and reaching the nations. It was very encouraging to see Middle Schoolers acknowledging the desperate need to preach Christ among those who have never had the chance to hear. One 8th Grader even said before we got to that point in the course ‘Why should anybody hear about Jesus many times before everyone has heard about Jesus at least once?’ That sums up the impact of Operation WorldView on our youth very well.” –Curry Powell, youth mentor, Glasgow, Kentucky

“Thank you for an excellent product. I have been looking through the Operation Worldview series and am very excited. I have been teaching World Perspectives at our church for 3 years, but finding that it is a bit too much time-wise for the average member of the church (we have a congregation of 6000). So we have been thinking for a while now to somehow reduce it yet have the same impact to mobilize people. Operation Worldview is just what we have been looking for … Thanks once again for a brilliant series.” –Bryan Retief, Missions Coordinator, Hatfield Christian Church, Pretoria, South Africa

“Operation WorldView captured our congregation’s attention like no missions curriculum I have seen in two decades of missions pastoring. All our Sunday morning adult classes used the curriculum. Attendance during the eight-week period was well above average. Enthusiastic acclaim was universal. People appreciated the combination of strong Biblical truth about missions supported by video illustrations that elicited authentic emotional responses.” —Doug Christgau, Pastor of World Missions, Valley Community Baptist Church, Avon, CT

“MISSIONS VIDEO SERIES LOOKS GREAT! — Designed for eight classes one hour or more in length, this series contains dynamic videos and film clips from around the world, along with beautifully designed digital slides to illustrate the rich teaching. It seems perfect for church-wide studies, Sunday School classes or small groups. If your church would like to introduce a Sunday night elective, a special study for your missions committee, a missions class for a week of church camp, ... tons of other options.” –Doug Lucas, mission mobilizer, Brigada Today

“I highly recommend the Operation WorldView video curriculum. It brings a renewed passion for God’s glory to the hearts and minds of the Church. This new video curriculum fulfills a need that we have had for years, that of mission conference follow-up. You’ve hit the mark with a class that is balanced in content and time. Eight weeks of first-class video and study that have transformed our hearts with a desire to be a part of the story of His glory. This first-class, quality teaching tool will grow World Christians and mobilize disciples. Use it…live it…and your global ministry will be transformed.” –Jeff Otten, Chairman, Mission Awareness Committee, Westover Church, Greensboro, NC

“Isn't it great to have a class where no one wants it to be over? Most of the groups have been having steady attendance, or even growing attendance, which is exciting. At the World Outreach Committee meeting last night, some of the teachers talked about things like "the lights going on" in people who had never connected to the missions idea before.” –Mark Buchanan, Chairman, World Outreach Committee, Valley Community Baptist Church, Avon, CT

“Operation WorldView is a fresh approach to introducing missions. It is a video-based curriculum designed for eight one-hour lessons, based on the widely-acclaimed Perspectives course. Operation WorldView uses powerful videos combined with dynamic speakers presenting classic mission teaching. Graphically-rich and Biblically-based, this Bible study will impact the lives of the hearers. The speaking issue is solved — no need to hire expensive lecturers or spend years preparing to teach — anyone can facilitate an intro-to-missions class in their church by plugging in a video! Clear, simple presentation of material — the class will come away remembering the main points! Visual footage of Lectures, PowerPoint slides, and Movies are all professionally presented.” –Mission mobilizer, Colorado Springs, CO

“The Operation WorldView Video Series is a tool with immense potential to mobilize the people of God to reach the nations for Him and His Kingdom. Like the Perspectives course on which it is based, Operation Worldview is more than just a “missions” course. Operation WorldView asks the critical questions of who God really is, who we are, what God’s plan is, and how we fit into it. Participants come away with a better understanding of what their purpose in life is. We have had the privilege of attending three live presentations of Operation WorldView. We have seen worldviews radically changed. A close friend of ours who is also a pastor told us after one presentation “for the first time in my life I understand that God wants us to reach Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost regions all at the same time. Even after Bible School, I never understood this before.” His church has never been the same.” –Terry and June Neu, US Center for World Mission, Volunteer State Office, Franklin, TN

A short promo video for Operation WorldView by Steve Hawthorne, Editor, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

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