Strategic component

Watch this sample video (below) of Operation WorldView, Session 8

NOTE: Operation WorldView, Session 7 (the first half of the Strategic component) is not available for preview here.

This is session 8 (Strategic component, Part 2) of Operation WorldView. It begins with Werner Mischke leading a two-minute review of the key questions and answers of Operation WorldView. This is followed by two short videos promoting the course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Then … “6 Ways to Reach God's World” … a series of short videos to help followers of Jesus Christ consider how they can get involved in blessing the peoples and nations of the world.

Key question for Strategic component:
What is your Destiny in God’s Story?
Answer: The Story of His Glory is the story of my Glory.

Special media:

  • “The Challenge of the Unfinished Task,” produced by YWAM’s ProclaMedia Productions
  • Special videos promoting the course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
  • 6 Ways to Reach God’s World produced by OMF International

Bryant Myers says, “The Christian church needs to move toward fostering twin citizenship—first, of our local churches and their contexts—and second, of the global church and the world.”  This twin citizenship was modeled for us by the Apostle Paul, who invested deeply in the local church, but also devoted his life to getting the glorious gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth—where Christ was not yet “named.” 

In this fourth and final component of Operation WorldView, the remaining task of world evangelization is described through video, maps, and diagrams—all in the context of “The Story of His Glory,” and God’s plan to bless all the peoples of the world.

Special emphasis is also given to helping students understand that the Perspectives course is an outstanding next step in becoming a world Christian.

A significant portion of the eighth and final session of Operation WorldView consists of the outstanding short videos from OMF International, 6 Ways To Reach God‘s World. There’s an intro video, followed by a 5-minute video for each of the “Six Ways” … Learn … Pray … Go … Send … Welcome … Mobilize.

Key ideas taught:
  • The 10-40 Window: region containing highest concentration of both unreached peoples and the “poorest of the poor.” 
  • The way we are allocating our resources for mission can be vastly more effective.
  • Our glory is awakened as we worship Him and declare His glory among all the peoples of the earth.
  • You should consider taking the Perspectives course as a next step in your destiny in God’s Story.
  • Which of the 6 Ways To Reach God’s World are a good fit for you?
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mission training for small groups, mission training for churches

mission training for small groups, mission training for churches

“…Isn’t it great to have a class where no one wants it to be over?” –Mark Buchanan, lay mission leader, Connecticut
“…powerful videos combined with dynamic speakers for classic mission teaching.” –Mission mobilizer, Colorado Springs
“…we have seen worldviews radically changed.” –Terry & June Neu, mission mobilizers, Tennessee