Historical component

Watch this sample video (below) of Operation WorldView, Session 3

NOTE: Operation WorldView, Session 4 (the second half of the Historical component) is not available for preview here.

This is the first half of the Historical component of Operation WorldView. After an introduction by Steve Hawthorne, Mission ONE president Bob Schindler presents material based on the article, “The Kingdom Strikes Back: Ten Epochs of Redemptive History.” Learn more at: http://operationworldview.org

Key question for Historical section: What does it mean, the Kingdom strikes back?
Answer: God’s Kingdom always strikes back against His enemy Satan—by the voluntary obedience of His people—or by involuntary means—so that God's eternal global purposes are accomplished.

How many Christians look at the sweeping changes in history through the lens of God’s unchangeable purpose—to bless all the peoples of the earth for His glory? 

Dr. Ralph Winter’s article, “The Kingdom Strikes Back,” is a broad overview of biblical history and Western history. His conclusions are full of weighty significance for believers today.

Using examples from Scripture and history, Operation WorldView presents the four mission mechanisms for extending God’s blessing: 

1) voluntary going, 2) voluntary coming,
3) involuntary going, 4) involuntary coming 

What emerges is a greater understanding of our global mission responsibility—and a higher view of God so that we see Him above history, sovereign over the affairs of nations—One who is passionately committed to gathering worshipers from every people, and thus extending His blessing to all the families of the earth. 

Key ideas taught: 
  • God’s passion to extend His glory among all peoples is exhibited in the Old and New Testaments, and in history. 
  • “Where possible God accomplished His will through the voluntary obedience and godliness of his people, but where necessary, He does His will through involuntary means.” 
  • “The coming of blessings brings sober responsibility, dangerous if unfulfilled.”
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mission training for small groups, mission training for churches

mission training for small groups, mission training for churches

“…perfect format for introducing my youth group to a global perspective” –Curry Powell, youth mentor
“…just what we have been looking for…thanks for a brilliant series.” –Bryan Retief, Missions Coordinator, South Africa
“…Operation WorldView has opened the eyes of our church!” –Missions pastor, Georgia