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Watch this sample video (below) of Operation WorldView, Session 5

NOTE: Operation WorldView, Session 6 (the second half of the Cultural component) is not available for preview here.

This is session 5 of Operation WorldView, featuring Bob Schindler teaching the first half of the Cultural component. This lesson teaches basic worldview concepts based on the book by Darrow Miller, “Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures.” Included near the end of this session is a video segment from “Transformations 2” describing the spiritual revival that occurred in Uganda; this video segment is used by permission of The Sentinel Group.

Key question: for Cultural component: What is the Romance of the universe?
Answer: God the Father is choosing for His Son a Bride comprised of people from every tribe and tongue and nation.

Special media: Video clip about the amazing revival and transformation that has taken place in Uganda, from “Transformations 2”, by The Sentinel Group. 

There is a Story that beautifully transforms individuals, communities, and nations. What is that transforming Story? It is the Story we find in the Bible — of God revealing His glory to all the peoples of the world through Jesus Christ. 

In the first half of the Cultural component the distinctive power of this transforming Story is presented. Darrow Miller states in his book, Discipling Nations, that this Story should shape our view of life; for it is the true worldview, the biblical worldview. Contrasted are the animistic and the secular worldviews, which inevitably lead to cultures of despair. 

The second half of the Cultural component explores the Romance of the Universe — with images as diverse as wedding pictures, beautiful landscapes, and photos of galaxies taken from the Hubble telescope — all to demonstrate the creative majesty of God. 

Then, a variety of Scriptures are presented that describe the Romance of God the Father — choosing for His Son a Bride, comprised of people from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. It’s deep, beautiful, delightful! 

Key ideas taught: 
  • Three basic worldviews: 1) The animistic worldview is essentially spiritual. 2) The secular worldview is essentially physical. 3) The theistic worldview is essentially relational.
  • Each worldview comes from a different “story,” producing drastically different results.
  • The gospel of Christ — The Story of the Glory of God — is “The Transforming Story” by which nations are discipled. 
  • The universe is a stage for the romance of Christ and His Bride, the Church.
  • Romance is the meaning of the universe; therefore, the Christian life is not about duty, it's about DELIGHT! Duty is good; delight is better! 
  • Giving yourself to world missions means participating fully in the Romance of the universe.
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