New Operation WorldView features fresh teaching, widescreen format, updated information, enhanced graphics


The expected launch date for new Operation WorldView mission training DVD series launch is April 1, 2011.

Designed to teach “the WHY” of world missions to small groups and churches, this new edition of Operation WorldView has a number of new features and enhancements.


  • You’ll enjoy the new teaching in widescreen video and beautiful graphic quality of Scriptures, maps, diagrams, photographs
  • You’ll get updated information and statistics about the status of world evangelization
  • You’ll like the new promotional videos for the Perspectives course in Lesson 8 to introduce students to Perspectives


  • You’ll find it easy to introduce the basics of world missions—ideal for small groups and classes
  • You’ll appreciate the video intros by Steve Hawthorne, Editor of the Perspectives course
  • You’ll feel the excitement of classic videos and film clips … “Ee-Taow!”…“Abraham”…“Transformations 2”…“The Challenge of the Unfinished Task” and “The Harvest”
  • Your 56-page Participant Study Guide will help students through interactive listening, discussion starters, Bible studies, and the article, “The Story of His Glory”
  • You’ll value teaching that’s clear and relevant—by Mission ONE’s Bob Schindler and Werner Mischke

Since 2004, the Operation WorldView DVD mission training series has been used by about 700 churches in North America and around the world to give a solid introduction to “the WHY” of world missions.

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My suggestion would be to ask your shcool counselor to help research any possible mission trips.Also go to most any of the larger churches-and express such interest. Some churches are far more involved than others as far as missions, so there is a good chance you may have to try a few.Research info or ask past students/teens that have experience going on missions. Teens must go as a group with chaparones so you need to look into all the details.> your local library might be able to help you get info on missions, as far as magazine articles- Yes, I suggest going to a library over the internet, or both, but not just internetReferences :

Love it, Chris!We are all still blessed my your visit to Mount Oak Church in Mitchellvile MD. Praying for you, flimay, mission and June 20th service. PLUS June 24 July 26,trip! Got my thinkin' cap on.Love servolution and your faithfullness.Blessings to your flimay and Mission to the Americas.Your Mt. Oak flimay sends love & prayers to all of you.Harriette

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